Amazon in need of workers that can go for 10-hour night shifts.

Amazon in need of workers that can go for 10-hour night shifts.

These shifts are called “megacycle” as they are there to increase efficiency. Amazon has just stated that they are going to give 10-hour shifts to its workers at night at the newest warehouse or they will lose their jobs, this was recently reported by the Motherboard. These shifts are being called “megacycle” as they start from 1 AM and go all the way to 12 pm during lunchtime. The DCH1 warehouse in Chicago had numerous shifts, there were 4-hour shifts, 5-hour shifts, in the morning, so, now the DHC1 Is going to shut itself down and Amazon is going to go for a single long shift that can increase its efficiency.

According to Amazon’s representative, she said that they offer wide range of job opportunities to its workers, and associates, so they can choose the one option that is most suited to their needs. According to her, these shifts are made in order to increase the efficiency. This new change has already been happening around all of the Amazon warehouses in numerous cities. The Amazon representative further said that they have created three next-gen new stations for delivery for the DCH1 employees, and they can have the best facilities in it for them to work with, and furthermore she said that Amazon’s associates are the heart and the soul of the entire company, and that Amazon is really happy to continue these wide range of opportunities.

Amazon in need of workers that can go for 10-hour night shifts.

Amazon has had its fair share of problems with its workers, many of the workers during the COVID-19 pandemic at the start organized strikes that Amazon was not taking care of its employees, but Amazon quickly fixed all the problems and disregarded the strikes as false because the strikes, despite the complaints being solved kept going on. Therefore, having numerous shifts is another way of helping the employees have a flexible work schedule suited to their needs.





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