Asus’s G14 as well as G15 get a huge update with the newest Nvidia and AMD chips.

Asus’s G14 as well as G15 get a huge update with the newest Nvidia and AMD chips.

In the first quarter of 2021, Asus’s upcoming new versions of G14 and G15 will be getting the newest chips installed onto them.

The ROG Zephyrus G14 was the best laptop that came in the year 2020, but Asus has gone even higher and updated the chips of its G14 as well as its G15 laptop with the latest Nvidia and AMD chips. Both the G14 and G15, its bigger brother is going to become even more powerful in 2021.

The chips are not the only things that are being updated in the laptops, Asus is also updating the display options of the laptops as the G14 laptop will now be able to offer 144 Hz display, there is also a 2K resolution in 120 Hz also, which according to Asus will cover the entire DCI-P3 wide color gamut. The G15 will also offer full DCIP-3 wide color gamut as well as offer a 165 Hz display of QHD.

New animations have been added to the Anime Matrix, now the users of the laptops can add their very own pet, a virtual pet to be exact, which sounds incredibly cute for any pet enthusiast. The virtual pet will be interacting with you as you use the laptop.

The G15 has a new design, the look of G14 is taken as a base, but the difference is that the keyboard is a little up from the ground to be able to give the laptop enough room for cooling. Another thing quite noticeable is the huge touchpad, which is 20% bigger as compared to the G14. Now instead of 2 microphones, Asus has incorporated 3 microphones in the newest model.

Both of the models come with a better battery of 90 Wh, with a battery timing of almost 10 hours. It has AI noise cancellation, but still no webcams though. The laptops will be released around the first quarter of 2021. The exact prices are not told, but the current prices of the models are 1,049 dollars.



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