E-Book Company Glose acquired by Medium.

E-Book Company Glose acquired by Medium.

Is deemed to be a powerful component already for Medium.

Medium has officially announced that it has acquired the e-book company known as Glose. Glose is an e-book company where the users can buy as well as read the books online, they can also share notes as well as highlights with their friends and family with Glose. It is a very handy app; you can take tons of books with you without having to lift them. According to the CEO of Medium, Ev Williams, it is stated that Medium is really looking forward with working alongside Glose to bring more readers to new authors under the umbrella of Glose.

The library of Glose won’t be included in the subscription deals of Medium, neither the 5 dollar one nor the 50-dollar yearly subscription will have Glose in it. The integration of Glose in Medium is yet to be seen properly as to what it will be. The integration could be like going from an article to being able to buy that certain book you read in the article. The integration could also be about taking the paragraphs out of the Glose’s e-book and putting it in your article to write about it. No one yet knows what Glose will do with Medium for the time being. The integration could be as simple as being a way to open a small sample of the e-book from Glose on Medium so that users might get intrigued and buy that book.

No one yet knows how much did Glose cost for Medium. Medium has complete ownership of Glose now, the exciting thing is how will Medium utilize the 1.5 million e-books in Glose’s library in order to be a tough competition for business who are already well-established in this—only time will tell.





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