Google’s latest update to Chrome 88 enhances dark theme, eliminates FTP and Adobe Flash.

Google's latest update to Chrome 88 enhances dark theme, eliminates FTP and Adobe Flash.

Google is launching a new version of Chrome this week which will boost its dark mode support, along with the removal of FTP and Adobe Flash support. Improvements in dark mode can be seen on both Windows and Chrome OS. There are modifications to both darkness and light modes in Chrome OS, with templates modified for the launcher app, fast settings, and shelf sections of Chrome OS.

How to Geek ( ) also notes that Windows 10 dark mode has been enhanced with Chrome 88, with scroll bars finally becoming dark. Sadly, these are typically restricted to settings, bookmarks, history, and new Chrome 88 tab pages, and not all sites with dark themes. Elsewhere, Google is also deleting some outdated web technologies from Chrome 88. The File Transport Protocol (FTP) is officially removed with this new update, eliminating protocol support that has been used for decades to transfer files across the network.

Adobe Flash is now being completely withdrawn from Chrome 88 after being briefly blocked and disabled in recent years. Removing Flash from Chrome marks the end of the age, following Adobe’s withdrawn support on December 31st.

Google is also experimenting with different features for Chrome. Both tab search and less invasive site access requests can be found hidden in Chrome 88. You’ll need to enable a new tab search using chrome:/flags/#enable-tab-search, and it will appear as a new drop-down arrow in the Chrome UI tab. Minor permission prompts can also be allowed from chrome://flags/#permission-chip.

Adobe Flash’s days are somewhat done now, we won’t be seeing it anywhere, on any single browser anymore. It used to be big, every browser supported it, it was the need for time, but that need is gone.


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