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How to watch TV from anywhere at any time?

How to watch TV from anywhere at any time?

We live in a digital age where portability and convenience are of utmost importance to us. It does not go on without saying how the internet has facilitated us in ways we couldn’t have imagined. From our smartphones to all our home appliances, the internet has ensured that we stay connected at all times. This digital ecosystem ensures that we get portability and convenience without stressing much on the outdated ways of getting entertainment.

The world of entertainment has changed. We mostly rely on streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime to watch our favorite movies and TV shows. As a result of this huge influx towards streaming, consumers are leaving behind traditional TV services. There are countless reasons to do so.

However, modern cable TV companies are acknowledging this trend and changing their ways of operating. As a result, we have multiple avenues of watching TV whenever we want to. If you are looking for all the ways to watch TV from anywhere at any given time, this article will explain all the ways to do so.

Without further ado, let’s begin:

Cable TV

Modern cable TV providers are changing the perception of cable TV for good. Traditional TV was successful in shaping the future of entertainment television. Now, we cannot use the same model in these modern times and expect it to work just fine. Realizing the future implications, cable providers were able to modernize the existing cable TV services. For example, Charter Spectrum is a household name in the United States with services in over 41 states. Charter has been able to modernize cable TV with its extensive channel lineups, thousands of on-demand movies and titles, and ability to watch cable TV directly from the smartphone with all Spectrum TV plans. Now, you just need to sit in front of your TV screens to watch any show or movie. Take cable TV to the comfort of your room and stream everything from your phone.

Live TV Streaming

This is something cord-cutters love to do as an alternative to cable TV service. Throughout the years, the price hikes in the cable TV industry have forced people to look for other avenues of watching TV. Luckily, live TV streaming brings the best of cable TV at a limited monthly price. You can customize your channel lineup and get the channels you like to watch. This eliminates all those extra channels in the lineup and you can get the best ones. If you have a live streaming service, you don’t need a box. Just get the subscription and stream Live TV directly from your phone or laptop no matter where you are.

Live TV streaming is more convenient as it offers the best solution to the problems associated with cable TV. You don’t need a cable box to set-up the service. All you need is a working internet connection and that’s it.

There are many live streaming platforms available to Live streaming:

Hulu + Live TV

For just $65, Hulu Live TV will let you have more than 60 live channels depending upon the availability according to location, and an exceptional DVR service. The service has all the popular channels such as Comedy Central, AMC, Animal Planet, and Discovery. Several other streaming services don’t have these channels and on top, you get a variety of sports programming such as ESPN, ESPN2, FS, and NBC Sports Network.


If you are looking for the most affordable option in the market, Philo will be your ultimate choice as in just $20, you get more than 60 channels in the lineup. The channels include Comedy Central, HGTV, VICE, AMC, A&E, Hallmark, and BBC America.

Sling TV

Sling TV is another great option to watch TV from anywhere at any time. Two different plans vary according to the price and the number of channels. Nevertheless, the channel lineups are strong and with some valuable add-ons, you can get the right value out of the plan. Sling TV works with Xbox consoles, smart TVs, and Apple TV.

Final Verdict

Now it is up to you whether you want to watch it through a cable TV provider like Spectrum or streaming TV service. Choose the one that fits the budget and gives you the best value in terms of channels.




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