Mailbox Sensor by Ring is the nerdiest smart gadget for homes.

Mailbox Sensor by Ring is the nerdiest smart gadget for homes.

Let your inner nerd out.

In a world of e-mails and smart phones, this new gadget by Ring is something that is reviving an old tradition in our society. It is not like we don’t receive any mail, we still do receive mail, and there are still people that like to send each other letters, we especially get our taxes and other important government-related letters in the mail. Therefore, this new gadget is something many people would love to have.

There are many other sensors like this, that notify real mail on your smartphone, but their range is short and moreover, they are blocked by many other equipment that might be around at certain times. This is exactly the issue that Ring’s smart gadget for mailboxes tackles. The mailbox sensor of Ring has an extended range because of the external antenna that will be mounted on the end of the mailbox. this antenna will also stop any other equipment that might block the signals—making sure that you get your real mail notified on your smart phone.

The Ring Mailbox Sensor can be configured with Alexa, where Alexa will tell the user that the mail has arrived. It will also make the lights blink when the mail arrives making sure that you are notified when mail arrives. Double sided tape comes with the smart mailbox sensor by Ring so that you can easily mount the mailbox sensor on your mailbox and also the antenna that will increase its range as well as block any other equipment that can block its signals. The sensor runs on triple A batteries, which can last a long time. The best thing about this smart mailbox sensor is that unlike other, Ring’s mailbox sensor tackles all the issues that others have, making it a must have mailbox sensor.






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