Mysterious monolith--now disappeared.

No one knows how it came, and no one knows where it went.

The word “mysterious” in the English dictionary was invented for this reason only. The monolith that came out of nowhere suddenly went somewhere mysteriously. Everyone is making speculations about the strange monolith that closely resembles the monolith seen in the cult classic movie “2001: A Space Odyssey”.

Monolith from Stanley Kubrick’s sci-fi cult classic “2001: A Space Odyssey.


Where did this strange and uncanny monolith go? No one has a clue, but according to BLM (Bureau of Land Management) Utah, they said that the structure that was allegedly installed illegally was also removed unknowingly. No one knows who took it, people on social media are speculating that the monolith is taken by the government or aliens came and got their “object” back which they might have forgotten—at this, anyone can make anything out of this. But BLM Utah can 100% vouch that the strange object mysteriously vanished on 27th of November, right after it got massive popularity and buzz on the internet.


BLM Utah did not remove the strange object as they officially said on their Facebook page, they made it clear that they had nothing to do with its appearance nor with its disappearance. The alien object is about 10 to 12 foot long, made of steel, which was first seen by the DPS (Department of Public Safety) Utah on 18th of November during an expedition regarding sheep-counting at the desert in Utah. At the moment of its discovery, no one had any explanation for where it came from what it was, by conspiracy theorist deniers, it was deemed to be an art project by student or students who were fans of the monolith that came in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, some deemed it to be from aliens, or a sign of the end of the world. But right after discovery, DPS Utah posted a few pictures of the monolith on their Instagram page and their site as well. The exact location of the monolith was not revealed in case large amounts of people would come and get stranded over there.


It is to be noted that the monolith was seen on google maps in 2016, which means the monolith has been there ever since 2016, and it was taken away the moment it got mass media attention, either by the government or some other private party. Or it could all be a long artsy plan of some sorts.


Mysterious monolith was first discovered in 2016 according to Google Maps.

Regardless of the unknown location, people on the internet gave their own explanation, but from the moment it was discovered till the moment it vanished, it sure set the world news on fire. Whatever it was, it sure became a sensation. No one will ever know what it was, everyone will always speculate until it is found again.



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