Sepa’s victim of ‘major cyber-attack’

Sepa's victim of 'major cyber-attack'

The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency says it is subject to a “substantial and sustained cyber-attack”

Sepa, the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency is Scotland’s climate change regulator and national flood forecasting, flood warning, and tactical flood risk assessment authority. Its primary role is to preserve the environment in Scotland. Sepa’s key function is to protect and develop the climate. They do this by being an outstanding environmental regulator, helping companies and industries to realize their environmental obligations, encouraging consumers to comply with the regulations and good practices, and understanding the many economic elements of improved environmental protection.

They protect communities by controlling activities that can cause toxic emissions and by checking the condition of Scottish air, water, and land. Restrictions that they enforce often include the maintenance, use, storage, and disposal of radioactive material.

claims the attack was initiated just after midnight, disrupting its communications networks.

The environmental regulator works with security and police experts to react to what seems to be “advanced and complicated criminality”

Its contact center is impacted and says that people who have to get in communication should use Twitter or Facebook.

The Agency says that its core programs continue to work, but its connectivity to and around the company is “greatly affected”

Executive Director David Pirie said that the attack was initiated at 00:01 on Christmas Eve.

“We quickly enacted our comprehensive business continuity plans, with our core regulatory, tracking, flood forecasting, and alert services adjusting and going to sell,” he said.

“Our emergency response team is currently working with the Scottish Government, the Scottish Police as well as the National Cyber Security Center to respond to what initially appeared to be a complex and intricate crime.

Sepa's victim of 'major cyber-attack'

“Whilst we intend to liaise closely with resilient partners, we’re asking for all those who wish to reach us right now to do this through our social networks on Twitter and Facebook.”




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