Take a look at the history book of Pac-Man which just came out.

Take a look at the history book of Pac-Man which just came out.

This genius looking slipcase is something else. 40 years of Pac-Man were celebrated last year, this game has been played and seen by every single human being, that is for sure. 40 years of Pac-Man, almost half a century of the yellow guy is something to be celebrated about. Therefore, Cook and Becker are going to release a history book of Pac-Man later in 2021. There are two versions so far, which are the standard hardcover version, costing a total of 39 dollars, called “Pac-Man: Birth of an Icon”, a well-suited title for the pop culture icon. The other version is the special edition, which is called by the same name but this one comes in a special case, a slipcase of Pac-Man shaped. You can get the special edition for 99 dollars.

This book is deemed as the official history book of Pac-Man, it has all the details of the yellow guy—the most popular pop culture icon. The book is written by Tim Lapetino and Arjan Terpstra. This book will take the reader from the humble beginnings of Pac-Man, where it started with the creator Toru Iwatari.

You can get the book from here, from Cook and Becker officially and read about the yellow guy in full detail how it became a pop culture icon and how even after decades it is still well-known even by the people who have never even played the game in their lives. If you think Cook and Becker sounds a bit familiar, it is because they have released high-quality prints for popular games like Ghost of Tsushima and The Last of Us. They have also released the artbook of the creation of Final Fantasy XV. The new Pac-Man book will be released somewhere in the summer season.






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