The pilots of Virgin Galactic are ready to take off to outer space

    The pilots of Virgin Galactic are ready to take off to outer space

    After several months of delays because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company of Richard Branson is getting ready to go to outer space

    From New Mexico, the company is going to take off its first test flight. With this spaceflight, future customers will be able to go to space and spend time there. The goal is to make this the new amusement park for people and that is exactly what the company is going for.

    The company was founded by Richard Branson, which was aiming to send tourists to orbit the earth around 2020, but the appearance of the COVID-19 pandemic and its fast spread put a halt on the plans. The health guidance of New Mexico made it even harder for the spaceflight operations to occur, but now, after several months, it is resuming again.

    The company Virgin Galactic has been making plans to do two test flights first, before the owner Richard Branson himself takes a ride to outer space. Branson has been waiting for this ride ever since he created the company in the year 2004. The first flight was going to happen in the month of November, but due to the virus it could not. Now the first flight is going to happen on 11th December.

    The Virgin Galactic company, despite the issues imposed by the virus is going back to normal operations, they have shown their new suits which look like they came straight out of Star Trek franchise and have made a fresh deal with NASA to bring private astronauts to the ISS in the near future.

    The pilots, Kelly Latimer (right), Jameel Janjua (left), and Dave MacKay (middle) in their amazing “Star Trek” inspired spacesuits that have under armor as well.

    The first test flight will happen on 11th December, and in this test flight, some payloads for NASA’s program will be delivered to the ISS. When the first flight goes perfectly, Virgin Galactic will be ready to takeoff for its second flight pretty soon, and then of course, the owner will take his first flight followed by the general public.




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