Things that are known currently about the Google union.

Things that are known currently about the Google union.

The AWU (Alphabet Workers Union) announcement is definitely a huge step ahead which will raise even bigger and more important questions.

Around 230 employees of Google made an announcement that they will make a union with the CWA (Communications Workers of America). It is available for contractors as well as employees of Alphabet, which is the parent company of Google. In the clear shape of a minority, it does not need a formal process in the legal world in order to be considered a union, all it requires is its own participation. These are the AWU (Alphabet Workers Union).

Here are the things that are currently known about the AWU (Alphabet Workers Union). Over the course of a few years, the employees of Google have been a little vocal and upset about a few things Google had suddenly decided to do, which were to cooperate with the Pentagon on the procedures of targeted drone strikes, Andy Rubin, who was accused of sexually harassing someone as well as a search engine design that was exclusively made for China which was censored. The latest protest by the employees of Google was the firing of Timnit Gebru who was an artificial intelligence ethicist. Now the Alphabet Workers Union has started to amalgamate and invite as well as work together under a single name.

The AWU is a minority union, which means it does not need any board to verify it as they are only getting together to fix the structure of Google when it comes to activism. They do not come for a contract negotiation. The minority union is better than a majority union, because of the complex labor union laws, therefore AWU come together to unite the workers that are café workers, janitors, product and engineer managers etc. Their goal is not to raise the pay but to make sure the technology that is being worked extensively on will turn the world into a better place. This union will make sure this mega tech giant is always on its toes.





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