TikTok’s rival Dubsmash is bought by Reddit

TikTok’s rival Dubsmash is bought by Reddit
The integration of the “video creation tools” will be done on Reddit

Dubsmash has been bought by Reddit, this short form of video posting application has been acquired by the hub of internet spreading information website—Reddit. Reddit is a place where geeks and nerds, and people with various interests go to, especially the ones that do not have a fandom in the outside world. The new deal will allow the rival of TikTok to keep on existing as a brand, but the catch is that its video creation tools will be incorporated on Reddit. Reddit already had a video uploading feature, and it has that feature ever since 2017, and the video editing tool of Reddit had limited tools and features in it. The videos posted on Reddit is hosted somewhere else, which is the drawback of Reddit.

Reddit in the post where it confirmed about attaining Dubsmash said that they are looking forward to making a union of Reddit’s growth engine with Dubsmash’s unique video editor. The amount that was given in order to attain Dubsmash by Reddit has not been disclosed to the general public. Dubsmash will be able to provide the necessary platform for Reddit’s users to be represented properly on social media. Dubsmash’s share in the USA’s market comes at second place right behind TikTok. One of the founders of Dubsmash, Suchit Dash, did not answer the number of total users of the application, in one of his interviews.

The videos of Dubsmash are seen more than a billion times in a month, about 30% of the users of the application go on it to post videos meanwhile on Reddit, more than 52 million users use the application. Why did Reddit choose to buy Dubsmash? Reddit’s main reason was the fact that Dubsmash promoted a platform of diversity and had diverse users from various cultures and ethnicities.


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