Tile is going up against AirTags, as it will help find items even through walls.

Tile is going up against AirTags, as it will help find items even through walls.

The field of tracking is going to be competitive in 2021.

Everyone has lost their purse, bag, or mobile, once in their life and it is annoying when someone loses it again and again, well, Tile’s ultra-wideband tracking technology is just the right solution. This tracking device will help someone see through walls and find their item quickly. The device uses Bluetooth feature to work and find items. You can simply use Tile’s ultrawideband tracking device to find your phone or bag which you take everywhere. It has amazing features where it will remind you what you put where the last time, so losing your things can be a thing of the past.

Companies like Apple and Samsung also want to compete with Tile in the tracking device field, but the products of these two tech giants is yet to come. The tracking device is really interesting, both these tech giants have big plans to make their own product similar to Tile. It will operate similar to low energy Bluetooth. Tile can help the user find their lost item through Bluetooth and GPS. It heavily relies on sound to find the lost items. Tile can easily find an item if it is a few rooms away, which is good, as one can keep their important things close with this product.

The prototype of Apple and Samsung’s tracking devices will be able to track the item even if it is inside the cupboards or through the walls. There is not yet any launch date for Tile tracking device, but it seems it will come soon. The future of UWB (ultrawideband) is prosperous for these two tech companies, the moment their product comes in the market, it will be a battle for all these three products, and only time will tell who survives.




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