Top 10 best apps for your Windows PC in 2020.

Top 10 best apps for your Windows PC in 2020.

All these apps are what you need to get yourself started with your Windows PC.

If you have gotten a Windows PC or a laptop, you must be wondering what you need to download to get started with your own Windows PC. There are so many applications once can download from Microsoft Store. All the services that you use through the browser can be used via their specific applications. Instead of opening numerous tabs for each website that you use such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Netflix, etc. You can just use the Microsoft Store to download its specific application. But other than that, there are numerous other applications that provide features such as video calling, editing, and many more things.


  1. Duolingo:

Duolingo is a language learning application. This application has tons of languages you can learn at the basic level and gradually move on to other languages. Start from the greetings and then go to the advanced exercises, you can even leave the course whenever you want and resume it when you can.


  1. Zoom:

This application is a must have in 2020, no one could pass 2020 without this app as it was used in every single institution. You can adjust video quality, chat with friends, have virtual events with Zoom, it truly is a must have video chatting app.


  1. Paint 3D:

This evolved form of Microsoft Paint will give you 3D models to tinker with, numerous filters, easy copy/paste options and other neat and improved features of the old MS Paint.


  1. Spotify:

With Spotify, you can listen to the newest songs and have your playlist on the go the moment you start your PC. It is a cool app that lets you listen to new music asap.


  1. Netflix:

A must-have app if you are a binge-watcher. All the amazing new shows are on Netflix, this is a no-brainer when it comes to having apps on your new PC.


  1. Discord:

This application has everything, you can have group calls, share pictures together, and just have fun as a group on Discord. This is for gamers, but even businesses use it now.


  1. Google Drive:

Very essential for always keeping your data backed up, you never know you might need some picture, video, or file later on.


  1. Microsoft 365:

Very important for day-to-day work and reading documents, making resumes, CVs, cover pages, assignments, presentations etc.


  1. WhatsApp Web:

Instead of being on the phone, you can simply be on WhatsApp Web as you do other tasks at the same time. You won’t have to switch to phone and back to PC, your focus can stay in one place.


  1. Malwarebytes:

If you want your PC clean all the time, and safe from viruses, MalwareBytes is the go-to application for that.


These are the best apps you can get for your PC in 2020.






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