Top Platforms for HD Streaming

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The streaming services are taking over. The idea behind streaming and binge-watching your favorite movies or TV shows is to relax and enjoy the company of your friends and family. Movies were not that accessible back in the day. You had to rent DVDs or wait for them to air on the cable TV. With the introduction of streaming platforms like Netflix and Prime, this has become a lot convenient. Want to catch up with a popular show? Just open the app and start watching it on the go!

Streaming services offer the highest resolution for the content. You can watch everything in 4K and HDR. However, to make sure that everything runs smoothly, you need high-speed internet. Our recommendation is Mediacom. The cable internet is available in 17+ states. There are tons of bundling opportunities. You can call Mediacom phone number to check the availability in your area.

Here is the list of all the top streaming platforms in the market right now:


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Initially started as a DVD rental service, Netflix is the pioneer in the video streaming industry. When the internet started to become more and more accessible, Netflix started emerging as the top streaming platform. Now, it is one of the most popular platforms in the world. The content is tailored to meet the needs of your home. The platform has TV shows and movies belonging to all genres. This makes Netflix special.

The main reason behind Netflix’s unprecedented success is the original programming. You can find Netflix specials belonging to all the genres. This some blockbuster level content and continues to challenge the norms of the Hollywood and entertainment industry. Netflix is quite affordable. You can get a plan under $15 per month. There is no equipment. Just install the app, sign-up, and watch entertainment on the go!

Amazon Prime Video

Prime Video competes with Netflix on many fronts. The platform has an unrealistic list of movies and TV series. If we just talk about numbers, Amazon has a bigger library of movies and TV shows. Just like Netflix, Prime Video also produces original programming. This has a similar impact as that of Netflix in the market. You can combine Prime Video with Netflix. This combination is great for everyone looking to have a good time.

Hulu TV

Hulu on-demand is slowly reaching the ranks of one of the most promising HD streaming services in the market right now. It originally burst into the scenes back in 2007. Back then, it was a joint venture of NBC Universal and News Corporation. Later on, Comcast and Disney took operational control of the service. Hulu has two different plans. The most basic plan has a great on-demand library of movies, TV shows, and Hulu Originals. This costs just $5.99 per month but comes with an advertisement. The other plan is quite convenient as it allows you to ditch your existing TV service.

Hulu + Live TV includes all those on-demand features and you get a variety of TV channels to stream on top. The cost is around $55 every month. The good thing is that you can have exclusive action from the world of sports. This plan has advertisements but you can pay extra charges to get rid of them.


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Disney+ is a great streaming platform offering great value for money. The library has all the Disney-owned TV shows and movies. The library is quite massive, as Disney literally owns Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, The Simpsons, and National Geographic. The library also includes all the popular classics. At such a slow price, you can get 4K, HDR video, and Dolby Atmos.


With so many streaming platforms in the market, it is difficult to get hold of each one of them. You can work this out in combinations. Amazon and Netflix are a great combination. If you are a DISNEY fan, you can it to Netflix and Amazon. It all depends on how much you feel like paying every month for the service.

Nevertheless, streaming is all about taking a deep breath and enjoying your favorite show. It is a good way to relax and cut all the negative energy off. Most importantly, it brings people together.


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