Voat, a similar website to Reddit will shut down soon on Christmas Day.

    Voat, a similar website to Reddit will shut down soon on Christmas Day.

    The app was lauded for being all about “free speech”.

    Voat, a social networking website that was deemed to be all about “free speech” and speaking your mind, is scheduled to be shut down on Christmas Day. On the 25th of December, the Voat website, which was considered to be similar to Reddit where anyone could voice their opinions without their identities being revealed and they being prosecuted or held accountable for what they say is to be shut soon according to the co-found of Voat Justin Chastain. The reason for the shutdown happening is because the website has lost its investor. So far, the website was running on the money Justin Chastain was putting into it. Justin wanted the website to run all the way to the US elections, which it did, but now that the elections are over, Justin has also run out of money—therefore the website is to be shit soon on Christmas Day, which is fast approaching.

    A little about Voat—it was found in the year 2014. It was kind of like Reddit, which had little forums that it hosted. The reason for Vaut’s popularity was because Reddit incorporated an anti-harassment policy which somewhat deemed Reddit as not a champion of “free speech”. And this is why Vaut came into the scene and got the identity of “free speech” website. Vaut has been able to offer forums for controversial topics that other networks won’t allow. It has allowed a chance for dialogue to take place regardless of how offensive the topic might to some.


    But unfortunately, the funding and numerous other issues caused the website to be shut soon. Due to warnings by law enforcement, lack of funding, and threats made by users of the website, Justin Chastain had no choice but to shut it down. It was a good run for the website, but everything has to end, but Voat has played its role and showed that such websites need to exist so that freedom of speech can have a proper place in order to tackle sensitive issues of society.





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