Volkswagen has teased a car-charging robot that has eyes and is completely electric.

Volkswagen has teased a car-charging robot that has eyes and is completely electric.

The robot looks like R2-D2 from the Star Wars franchise and is going to change the way electric cars get charged.

The German-based automaker wants to make this a reality. The prototypes of the electric robots that will charge the cars have been made according to Volkswagen and that the automaker liked the concept back in 2019 so much that the prototype had to be made because of its design that resembles the R2-D2 robot from Star Wars. As per the prototype, it even makes noises like R2-D2.

The robot works in theory in a very simple way, when the car is parked, the robot will come to the car and fulfill the car’s request to fill it up. The robot will come from the docking station and will attach the mobile batteries to the car. The robot will plug the battery in the electric car and then will go back to the docking station. When the charging is done and you are going somewhere to get something for yourself, the robot will take the battery and take it back to the charging rack. It looks cute and seems amazing, but the problem that can come is that the cars will have to tell the robot to charge the batter, which is an idea that is yet to take any hold as of yet. Volkswagen did have a working version, as they called it a prototype, but this prototype wasn’t shown in the announcement, which means a lot of work needs to be done on it. Only a few pictures were released and a commercial.

For the time being, Volkswagen is building huge networks of fast-charging in the United States and Europe. The robot charging the car is just something extra that might look cool for their charging stations in the future. Judging by Volkswagen comments that there is already a prototype, it seems it will happen sometime in the future no matter what.




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