Ways artificial intelligence will be utilized in the year 2021.

Ways artificial intelligence will be utilized in the year 2021.

CEO of Scale, Alexandr Wang knows what the future of AI is in.

CEO of Scale, Alexandr Wang knows exactly where the future of AI belongs in. He does not need any time machine to prove where the future of AI lies, he only has to look at the list of customers he has.

This startup of 4 years got its worth up to 3.5 billion dollars which started humbly as a business that supplied labeled data that was used to train machine learning models to autonomous vehicle companies, and later on created and commercialized robotaxis, which is a self-driving truck as well as automatic bots that were used in on-demand delivery and warehouses.

The adoption of AI has been quite slow, mainly because companies haven’t learned the value of AI as of yet, CEOs and executives still do not understand how to incorporate AI technology into their business model.

But it all changed in 2020, when all the government, automation enterprises, insurance, robotics, and real estate companies turned towards the machine learning model of Scale, which develops and applies AI to the existing business models of companies. Now, Scale is just waiting for new customers to come forward. Scale got a lot of customers from the automobile companies such as Alphabet, nuTonomy, Zoox, Nuro, Embark, and Voyage. There are still sectors that still haven’t gotten the services of Scale, but the new sectors that have are DoorDash, Pinterest, and Airbnb.

Scale got a lot of customers from the government sector in the year 2020, and later on, they got States Tile as their new customers in the field of real estate. Wang’s company also saw considerably increase when it came to conversational AI, in both enterprise and consumer apps such as Amazon.

According to Wang, the future is online, everything is bought online now rather than in-person, so therefore, the companies tend to ask as to how can that be possible? So, they have no choice but to come to companies like Scale.




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