Why do we pay cable TV providers to watch ads?


We all love to watch cable TV. It is something we cannot give up loving. But commercial breaks during your favorite shows can be incredibly irritating at times! If you hate being interrupted by commercials and want to escape from advertisements, we have a solution for you. There are a lot of cable alternatives that are much cheaper and can save a lot of money. For example, Spectrum cable has a TV service that comes with ads. However, if you get Spectrum TV Silver or Gold, you get access to many premium channels with no commercials. Secondly, Spectrum on-demand has no ads as well.

Cable operators have multiple sources of revenue. You pay the price for the subscription, you pay the price for the cable boxes, and most importantly, different companies pay these operators to run their ads. These ads are one of the primary sources of revenue for them. Therefore, they cannot take these ads down. However, you can avoid ads by switching to streaming services. There are tons of streaming services available. Here are some of them:

1- Hulu:

One of the best streaming services includes Hulu that is affordable and offers high-quality content. With around $5.99 a month, you can access exclusive content from the Hulu library. The drawback of this package is that you will have to bear some repetitive ads.

To get rid of these hassle commercials, you can upgrade your plan to the no-Ads package. It only charges $12 a month which is still budget-friendly. Subscribing to Hulu will let you enjoy complete episodes of your favorite TV shows.

Next is the live TV for $64.99 per month. It seems closer to the cable TV package, but it offers more content than a basic cable package.

2- Netflix:

Another solution to watch TV shows and movies without ad interruption is Netflix. Their basic package charges are $8.99 a month, and you can watch movies and TV shows of all genres.

If you are struggling to find something new to watch, Netflix originals play the part. Netflix originals are producing or distributing dozens of new shows every month. It has a variety of genres for everyone.

If you want to upgrade your package from standard, the premium will work for you. It charges $17.99 per month and gives four screens maximum. Both HD and Ultra HD are available.

This year Netflix came out with another way to watch: Netflix party. Now you can enjoy your favorite season with your friends and family while maintaining social distancing.


3- Sling TV:

People have immense love for cable TV shows and programs. But imagine you are in the middle of a thrilling scene –and a commercial comes – Boom! All the excitement goes away. To avoid this disturbance caused by ads, Sling TV proves to be the best alternative to cable TV.

Their basic package offers 30 different channels Disney Channel, CNN, ESPN, and ESPN2. Moreover, it provides a DVR to its subscribers. It means you can pause, fast-forward through any recorded programs. The best part about it is that you can skip annoying commercials. This DVR has a limit of up to 10 hours but, it is free for all its customers. But if you want extra storage, you can pay $5 a month and can get up to 50 hours a month.

4- YouTube:

YouTube is home to unique content. Whether it is related to tutorials or viral videos, YouTube has always something new to offer. Without a cable or satellite subscription, YouTube is giving away to tune in live to your favorite shows. Although there is a massive amount of content to watch on YouTube, it offers its customers a paid subscription known as YouTube premium.

It is an ad-free streaming service that charges $12 a month. You can download the content you like to watch later. It also includes access to YouTube originals.

YouTube originals are exclusive shows produced by YouTube. It also includes YouTube music. All entertainment is for just $12/month which is less than a cable and provides high-quality content.

5- DirecTV:

How fascinating it feels if you never have to waste time watching commercials. DirecTV launched its DVR line and introduced an advertiser-friendly option that is a 30-second skip. It means you can fast forward the commercial.



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