You can get out of your own room, but you can never get out of the Google Docs.

You can get out of your own room, but you can never get out of the Google Docs.

This game, won’t let you escape your room.

Escaping your room has been the norm before the virus, you could easily go out and have fun, but due to the virus, it has been hard to escape your room, and this game on Google Docs does exactly that. It is a form of a puzzle, it has 3 parts that tell you to solve them, but the game is fun and very engaging. The game’s latest part got released on Tuesday and fans are loving it. It seems they do not want to escape using Google Docs, which is ofcourse a weird place to play games.

This game “Escape: A Game”, is created by Anthony Smith. It is kinda like an RPG game where you can choose your own adventure. You wake up from a dream inside a cabin which is filled with smoke and your only task is to escape that cabin wood. The second part of the game asks the same thing from you, but the setting is changed to a hotel corridor, which is even more mysterious and hard, then the third part, which you will have to play to find out what settings it has. The game has a creepy charm that you just cannot deny, it is odd and quirky at the same time.

Although Google Docs is not a normal place to play games, and it is certainly hard to navigate through the links just to play the game, which doesn’t happen anywhere and opening too many links can become hassle for you and your PC. You will have to do tons of research, some people have said they have had to open 50 plus tabs to complete the first part and the best thing about this game is that after you are done, you will have learned so many new things.




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