YouTube could be turbocharged with the help of DeepMind’s MuZero—an AI agent.

YouTube could be turbocharged with the help of DeepMind’s MuZero—an AI agent.

MuZero the AI agent was tested against games such as chess, Atari video games as well as other classic board games.

This new AI of DeepMind can reach a performance that can be considered “superhuman” in many tasks without ever there being any need to hold its hand.

Research Hub’s AI could not do what DeepMind’s AI is doing, it has mastered every game in Atari as well as other complicated games such as Shogi and Go, let alone chess and other classic board games.

This AI is being put to use by being able to find new ways to encode videos, which could cut down numerous costs of YouTube—which is exactly what the website is looking to do.

According to DeepMind’s David Silver, who is a principal research scientist, the world that we live in is really messy, there are no set rules in place to tell us what to do, but gladly, humans have a habit of formulating plans and that is exactly what the AI is going to do with YouTube. It can work its way into the system, from nothing and slowly and surely build itself through trial-and-error, similar to how a human being learns. And sooner or later, it will reach a performance that will be considered “superhuman”.

DeepMind previously worked in order to make a method that would fold protein, and by adapting the DeepMind’s AI that is exactly what happened, which can also make way for other new drugs to come into existence through this technology.

This technology by DeepMind is going to change how AI is seen around the globe, especially when it is applied in a very systematic way where in the end humans can monitor it up-close such as finding new ways to encode YouTube videos. This is only the start for DeepMind’s AI, more is yet to come.





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