YouTube struggling with Kyle Rittenhouse videos.

YouTube struggling with Kyle Rittenhouse videos.

Numerous videos related to Kyle Rittenhouse are being uploaded on YouTube and honoring what he did at a rally. There have been videos of people saying that Kyle Rittenhouse is their inspiration, and there is one video that shows what Kyle did at the rally with his gun.

YouTube struggling with Kyle Rittenhouse videos.

The videos are going rampant on YouTube, and the website is having difficulty knowing what videos to take down and what not to, but first, a little context on Kyle Rittenhouse is needed. Kyle Rittenhouse, who went to a protest rally when police shot Jacob Blake, came with an assault rifle at that protest. At the protest, he was just 17 years old. Over there he shot two people, and later he told the police that he shot in self-defense. Currently, he is awaiting his trial for the double murder he committed.

The YouTube video is making many watchers uncomfortable titled “Kyle Drill”, where a man shows a view of what it would look like to be Kyle Rittenhouse at the rally when he started shooting. The video disturbed many watchers and many users reported it, but it didn’t get taken down by YouTube.

Other social media websites besides YouTube had no problem filtering such content. Despite reporting many times, YouTube has not done much in removing such offensive and uncomfortable videos. Facebook as well as Twitter have taken action against videos and posts that support what Kyle Rittenhouse has done, but YouTube seems to be falling back on this. This shows that YouTube has a huge problem in filtering and removing content that promotes extremism.

YouTube needs to redefine its rules on what content should be permitted and what shouldn’t, despite many users reporting such videos, they haven’t been taken down. This also means, such kind of videos will be posted on the website in the future and they will promote extremism as well, therefore, swift action should be taken in this regard.




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